My Living Arrangements sucks 

I recently moved from RI; long story short,  I love them for providing a room. However, I was going to adopt a 1.2 lb. kitten tomorrow and my parents refuse for me to do this. I’m so sad and disappointed , l cannot sleep.  Positively I was able to manage my emotions appropriately…. Thanks to the DBT strategies in the wornook (Linehan, M. , 1993). It still breaks my heart 


On a lighter note…

As a sagittarious, I love traveling.  Although, I have visited Canada  and Italy (remember, most of my income was spent on cocaine), I have found this website/blog with magnificent information for traveling on a budget around the world!!!

I will post on BPD, but that does not define me.   Visit the site, it is astonishing.  Have a gret day. ALO

1 mistake after another

Hello and welcome to my very first blog.  Never thought I would be able to share my life story; especially online.  Albeit, I thought it is the right time for me to do this.  I hate of the feelings of emptiness; depression, anxiety, impulsiveness (sex in my 20’s and 30’s, and now compulsive buying, and shoplifting, are only a few examples of my multiple mistakes);intense anger, or intense happiness;  lack of judgement when I have to make an important decision; and etcetera.  I wanted to create this blog in order to bring awareness concerning what is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD); stop the stigma that even mental health professional have toward BPD patients/clients;  to increase the education and or specialization in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), of psychologists that help people with BPD, and ultimately to promote clinical research concerning the treatment for this disorder.  Anyway, prepare for this bumpy ride, where I will provide information, resources, very funny First blog postanecdotes, and support for fellow BPD’s.  If I can make one person to accept the BPD, seek treatment, and comply with it, I’ll be content.  ALO

I see a wavering light that promises to leave me in the dark.
I see a dog barking at the moon
With another figure that reminds me of myself.
I see more: I see that I did not find who I am or was.
I see more: I see that I am still lost.

Taken and modified from a song by Silvio Rodríguez